15 Must Have Native Apple Watch Apps

Not everyone knows about the best applications to fit into their Apple watches, given there are so many to choose from. To make it easier for all of you Apple watch users, we have compiled a list of applications that would perfectly fit into your Apple watches and be the best to use.

15 Applications You Must Have on your Apple Watch

Messenger: Connect to one and all! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (3)Available on all forums and also Apple watch. It is one of the easiest ways to connect  to people all around for free. It makes use of your data pack or Wi-Fi and doesn’t charge you for anything else. You can as well text people from your contacts and are not restricted to only your friends.

Instagram: Let the pictures communicate! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (4)Another application that is indeed a must have for all the users with Smartphones as well as Smartwatches. Your daily pictures will now be captured into picture perfect moments. Instagram is one application that makes use of just pictures and of course, allows you to follow the so many people on the same platform as you.

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Amazon App: More than just shopping online. Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (5)You get to browse through all the products from around the country and then look at the reviews available before you finally make your final call on the product. You can use you Amazon account to place orders and make the purchases!

Pandora: Discover some music effortlessly! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (1)It is an application which provides you with music for free along with an option to tune into various radio channels. All you have to do is search for the songs you wish, and you will have it on your watch. Also, you can as well make personalized stations for yourself!

Google Maps: Your guide throughout the world! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (6)You know very well how the Google maps work and it indeed helps you to be guided to unknown places. It is accurate and is spread over 200 plus countries and territories.

Uber: Your personal driver is right here! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (7)When you wish to do away with all the mess of waiting in lines and/or pay for booking charges, you can rely on Uber as it connects you to the rides nearest to you.  You have options to choose all kinds of cars and rides depending on the cost as well as number of people. With an account registered on your name and number, you can pay via card, cash, paytm or airtel money!

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Twitter: Tweet your mind! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (8)One of the top social networking apps, twitter has been since late 2009 and has been ever since connecting people across all countries. You don’t only have friends on your Twitter, but you can as well follow people you idolize and admire; celebs and well-known people that is.

SoundCloud: All about music! Link


Native Apple Watch Apps (9)It is a music identifying application that allows you to not only find music that has been playing around you, but it also allows you to follow friends and various artists. You can as well discover news, comedy and podcasts. No matter what you are doing or where you are, music follows everywhere!

Microsoft Outlook: Emails turned simpler! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (10)It is one of the best email applications for your watch. It has been a saviour for all those thousands of people who wish emailing to be simple and easy. With everything at one place, from calendars to files; the application has been helping one and all!

Skype: Let time and distance not be a barrier! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (11)It has been a new introduction in the list of iOS applications. Everyone knows well enough how well the application works for video calls as well as audio calling. Skype is one of the best applications in its league and has been a blessing to many friends and families!

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iHeartRadio: Music turned more sweeter! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (12)It is one of the applications that have music and various radio stations for free and has many features inbuilt into it. With music spread across all genres, it has as well options to customize stations and suggests you music that comes from your favourite artists.

Poshmark: Fashion at your finger tips! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (13)It is an online platform where you can buy and sell fashion with more than 5000 brands available to choose from. The discounts on the application go to as high as 70% and definitely helps users shop as well as sell the best they want to. Here is all you can do with shopping online. Shop, sell and begin with the party!

Apple Store: It is time to explore! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (14)The app pretty much describes how it works. You can purchase Apple products from here and you can as well change your devices by the time you finish your order. With both delivery options and pick up option, you can browse through the app store and make sure you get the best out of it!

Wallapop: Let the buying – selling go online! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (1)With more than thirteen million people using the application, this is an amazing one to not only buy and sell things you need or want to sell, but it also lets you discover all the new that is present around you. It has been working really well in all the major cities including NYC, Miami, Chicago, Los Angele and many more!

eBay: Shopping online just turned better and simpler! Link

Native Apple Watch Apps (2)The eBay shopping application is packed with the best if features which make the process of buying, selling and managing your eBay account much better. You can as well make purchases or sales via the online application available for use! It is without doubt one of the best online shopping app!

And that was all about the top 15 apps you should definitely have on your Apple watch. Spread across all types and use, these were among the top on our list. Happy downloading for now! Let your watch now be full of applications!

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