Apps to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

If you are a vivid social media user, with your accounts on different networks, then it is best for you to go for apps that manage multiple social media accounts. With these apps there will be no need for you to login into each network individually. This will keep you on the site for most of the time as there will be no need for you to swap your tabs from one network to another. So it is high time for you to stop logging in to each of your social networks individually.

Get ahead of time, download a manager app and start managing them all at once within a single interface.  These apps are also good for the teams, integrating to work on the social networks, either for business, professional or personal matters. Every app has different functions and features; some are free while some are paid. However, all these apps are created for one common reason. Here’s a look at the Five Most Popular App To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the best User friendly and best app to manage multiple social media accounts.  It is one of the best options available for Windows, Mac and iOS based devices. The features include, tabs for favorite services, plugging for 50 different networks, Facebook and twitter integration, and a real shiny desktop version. Some of the amazing features are

  • Easy to Use, perfect for newbie or advanced social media expert.
  • Compatible with almost all devices.
  • Comes with Android, iOS and Windows Application.
  • 30 days Trial where you can test all the features. (No credit Card Required)
Link: Sprout Social


Originally created as a chat client, Digsby turned into a social media manager app over the course of time. Initially it started offering email support for its user and soon turned the focus on management of social networking sites. Apart from reading messages and notification, it is quiet handful for updating your status of almost all the major Social Networking websites. It is available for both IOs and Mac devices.


Link: Digsby


It is a polished app for Mac OS x devices, which is available in two version. Free ad-supported version or paid ad-free version for $19.95. It has support for all the major social networks of the current age. This app monitors and updates twitter, Facebook, Digg, and Flickr. Further it also has support for Good Reader and manual RSS entries.

Link: Socialite


One of the best app of its category, it is a social media manager app good for a team working with social media. It has the multiple tiers of access to the social networks, tracking of mentions and other quantifiers.  The price of this app is $8.99 per month for Pro account, which offers unlimited social networks and stats history as well as Google Analytics. Available in two plans, free and paid ($8.99 per month) for iOS based devices.

Link: HootSuite


It is another multiple social media management application, which makes good use of multi-column layout. The display in this app can be easily customized to specify the networks which you want to see or deal with at one point of time. All you are required to do is download the app, sign up for the services and sync your device with it. This app supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, and more.

Link: TweetDeck

Now, enjoy several social media account without wasting time in worrying about managing them as you are getting some best collection of iOS apps for managing your accounts.