Automatic Call Recorder App for iPhone 6/6 Plus

There comes a time when you are urgently in need to record a call, but you are deprived of it being an iOS user as the feature of “call recorder app” is not inculcated in the iOS devices by default.

Calling has become pretty common nowadays. There was a time when each society had a single phone and one had to pay for using that phone, and then came the STD and Public Telephone Booths, which were a hit at that time. People seamlessly used these booths in order to call their friends and relatives. The medium was expensive and they had to go through a lot of efforts in order to get a telephone connection.

As the technology advanced, Telecommunication Network grew stronger by the day. People didn’t have to travel to some particular region in order to make a phone call. They got a landline installed in their own house. The call rates also reduced and the ease of the process spread out everywhere. The technology’s advancement never stopped and as it progressed even further, the present era grew, an era where every person has a smartphone in their pocket, and earphones in their ears. They can easily make calls to everyone at any random point of time.

With the advancement in the Internet technology, the process grew even simpler. Today, there are hundreds of apps available in the market that allows one to call anyone free of cost over this network of networks. All this led to a feeling of risk among the callers. There arose a need to record the calls being made. A lot of phone providers have this feature pre-installed but unfortunately, Apple doesn’t incorporate this feature in their devices.

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Apple not installing this feature in their devices was not a problem as programmers took this issue seriously and created many apps that would fulfil this feature. There was a reason why Apple didn’t put this feature in their phone in a Factory Reset and the reason was recording phone calls is illegal in many countries including America.

But if there is an emergency and you have to record a voice call of someone threatening you over the phone, you can make use of the following mentioned apps as they will fulfil your need very easily.

Automatic Call Recorder App for iPhone 6/6 PlusThus in order to provide you this important feature of call recording so that you can record your memorable chats with your loved ones or as a proof against strangers, we will list some of the best Call recording apps available on the iOS platform.

TapeACall Pro

TapeACall Pro is the best call recording app that has been made available on the IOS store until now. Yes. it’s not for free, but the quality and the clarity that it provides makes it stand out among all the other call recording apps on the App store. With the TapeACall Pro, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded.

TapeACall Pro - Call Recorder App for iOS

Also the recordings can be easily shared as well as an instant option of call recording has been made available to the user. You can do anything with the recorded call, upload to your Dropbox, store it in your Google Drive or email yourself, anything you want to do with it, can be done.

Click here: Get Tape ACall Pro for iOS.

Call Recorder

 Call Recorder

For an iOS device, the Call Recorder is a great automatic Call Recorder App. In order to record a call through this app, you are required to dial a number from within the app that’s it. The calls will automatically be replaced under Call RecorderIntCall’s VOIP servers. Along with it, there also comes a feature of playing your recordings right from your phone. You can also share it however you want.

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Call Log Pro

Call Log Pro is a call recording app in which an IOS user can record the outgoing calls made from the app. While the app as per reviews suggests would work better if it is on WiFi, another peculiar feature of this app is that you can use it offline as well. But there is a drawback for the free app seekers as in much of the call recording apps.

Call Log ProThe first two minutes of the Call Log Pro is free after that you need to pay as an in-app purchase if you want to record more. While as far as the data is concerned, it is all saved in the call log section of this app.

Click here: Get Call Log Pro for iOS.

Call Recorder Plus

Call Recorder Plus is a distinctive app and is different from the other call recording apps, unlike the aforementioned apps, this app is a credit based call recorder where you have to pay for what you record. There doesn’t exists any subscription fee but you are required to pay for credits where 10 credits equals to 10 recordings with each one lasting for 60 minutes.

Call Recorder Plus

This app is good for the people who frequently keep on recording the calls. Both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded with the Call Recorder Plus.

Click here: Get Call recorder Plus for iOS.

Call Recorder Free

 Call Recorder Free - Automatic Call Recorder App for iPhone

An iOS user can simply record both, the incoming and outgoing calls with the help of Call Recorder Free. The most magnificent feature of the App? It’s free. All you are required to do is tap the record button on the app and the app itself will dial the number and thus merge the calls in order to start recording.

While for outgoing calls, you need to do the same by the dialing the recording number first followed by dialing the person you want to talk to and merge these call proceedings.

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Call Recorder – IntCall


This is another free Voice Recording app available for iOS platform. This app gets integrated with one’s phone and even to his VoIP software and can record calls. The recordings will be placed under Call Recorder – IntCall’s servers of VoIP. The recordings can be retrieved at any point of time and can be heard directly from the device. The recordings can even be sent to a desired personnel through the medium of Email. Apart from this, each recording can be given a specific title so that one doesn’t feel a difficulty in sorting through all the recordings and find the desired recording.

Link: Download Call Recorder – IntCall for iOS


Edigin Call Recorder

Edigin Call Recorder for iOS - Appdazzle

Edigin Call Recorder is an app exclusively available for the iOS users. This app is one of the few Cloud based apps that record the calls to the Cloud Server, from where they can be retrieved whenever needed. One can listen to the recordings or even download them if needed. This is a totally free app available in the store. The only problem with this app is that one will have to sign a contract before this app starts working. The contract is because recording the calls is illegal in a few countries. So, if one doesn’t have a problem in signing the contract, this app will act as an ideal option for them.

Link: Download Edigin Call Recorder for iOS

Google Voice

Google Voice

Google has become the leading company in terms of technology. It has entered almost every prospect of the world and is launching its new applications and innovations every day. Many people think that there is no Voice Recording feature in Google Voice, but if observed closely then it can be noticed that Google Voice, which is one of the best VoIP apps also comprise of Call Recording facility. All one has to do is enable this feature in his iPhone and press 4 while on call. It will start recording, and pressing 4 again will stop the recording.

Link: Download Google Voice for iOS Devices



iPadio is a small free app available on the Apple App Store and can be used to record not only calls, but also videos and even audio. The calls recorded by this app get saved to the iPadio Online Account and can be accessed on a later stage whenever required. This app, though doesn’t provide a very simple way of recording calls, but overall is a handy and nice-to-use app. In order to record calls, one has to first call the iPadio’s number, punch in the Unique PIN sent to the user, and then merge the call which is to be recorded. Though this might seem to be a cumbersome task, but neither does it take time, nor is it a hassle.

Link: Download iPadio for iOS Devices

Call Recording by

 Call Recording by

This is one of those apps that provide dictation services too to the recorded is a very famous call recording and ECommerce transcription service. The app provided by them is a multi-purpose app and saves all the recorded calls on the cloud server. The app allows the recording of incoming as well as outgoing calls and save them on the Cloud server, from where they can be retrieved whenever needed. The only problem with the app is that the first 20 minutes of recording are free every month. If one wants to record more, he will have to make an In-App Purchase, thus making it a paid app.

Link: Download Call Recording for iOS Devices

Call Recorder – VoIP Phone Calls and Recorder

 Call Recorder - VoIP phone calls & recorder

This is a kind of software that allows the recording of calls made in the form of VoIP that is the Internet Voice Calls. This software provides a nice interface and is widely being used nowadays. Though the app is free, but one might have to pay for the VoIP calls he makes. Other than that, the app is available free of cost on the App Store and can be downloaded in devices with iOS 5.1.1 or versions after that. Overall, the app is very useful and can come handy in many situations.

Link: Download Call Recorder for iOS Devices

Phone Tap

 Phone Tap

Tapping a phone call has been a common slang used to depict the calls being recorded. The Phone Tap app performs a similar feature. The only difference is that one need not go to the Police Station to get his phone tapped. All he needs to do is install this app available for a certain price over the App Store. In order to record through this app, one will have to call the desired person through this app. As soon as the other person takes the call, both the parties will be informed that the call recording has started. This step is to avoid any legal issues.

Link: Download PhoneTap for iOS Devices

The iPhone Recorder


This app, though paid, is an elegant app to have for an iPhone or any other Apple device. The main function of this app is to record memos, discussions and ideas made over the phone so that they can be used at some further point of time. One will have to pay a small amount in order to attain this app, but once installed, the app seems to be worth the money spent. Easy to use and operate, the app caters to all the needs that one expects to be fulfilled from a Call Recorder.

Link: Download The iPhone Recorder

Call Recording by TPS Games

This app works in a very simple yet unique manner. The app is available free of cost on the App Store for a trial period. After the trial period is over, one will have to Sign Up and pay for its further use. In order to use this app, one will have to press the Record button on the app while on a call to be recorded. On pressing the Record button, the app will make a call to the servers of the software and merge the two calls. This will enable a recording at the server’s end, and thus, the call recording will start. The recording can be retrieved at any point of time.

Link: Download Call Recording

iOS Call Recorder

This is a kind of app that would need some efforts to be put in while installing it, but once installed, the working of this app is so smooth than no one will face a difficulty in using it afterwards. In order to install this app, one needs to have a jailbreak version of iOS after which, this app could easily be installed. Beyond installation of the app, a Record button will appear on the screen every time a Phone call or a VoIP call is made through some software.

The above-mentioned apps have a wide use nowadays. These apps can be used in order to avoid any perjury or as a proof of someone’s words in the court of law. Though call recording might be illegal at a few places, but at times, these apps are of foremost importance. Hence, one can choose the app that suits him the best, get it on their device, and can record any call that he wants to.

The aforementioned are some of the best call recording apps on IOS platform. If you are an IOS user having version 6.0 or more you can simply get one of these call popular call recording app depending upon your usage.