Best Business Card Reader App for iPhone

Exchanging business cards has always been the most preferred way of making new business contacts. However, in the current age where technology is crossing all the barriers, it seems a bit old fashioned. It sometimes can be inconvenient as the conventional cards are easily lost and at times, a hassle to manage.

Even if you choose to save the information from the card in a digital address book, it is always a time consuming task. With an iPhone by your side, you actually have the liberty to overcome these procedures. All you will require is to download right business card reader app in your phone and they will take care of his time consuming chores for you.


Here are five best business card scanner apps for your iPhone, which will help you get rid of the inconvenient paper cards.


Best Business Card Reader App for iPhone

CamCard can be downloaded from app stores for $0.99. It is an excellent application for those looking forward to get rid of the mess created by paper cards. The app is simple to use and all you are required to do is take snap a photo of the card. The app works recognition software, which extracts the key details form the card and updates them in your address book. However, sometime because of the design or the nature of the card, you might have to correct some errors manually.

Link : CamCard for iOS

Full Contact Card Reader

full contact business card app

Another paid application, which works in some manner just like the CamCard app. However, instead of text recognition software used in CamCard, Full Contact Card Reader employs humans to do the work. This means that whatever in the photo, will be in your address book, with a guarantee of no errors. The cost for using this app starts from $9.99 per month. The app is also not as quick as CamCard, but takes almost 30 minutes for the details to get listed in your address book.


Link : Full Contact Card Reader

Presto BizCard

Presto business card apps

The functions are same as they are in CamCard. It gives you the option to zoom in specific areas of the card while making any edit. The OCR accuracy is quiet good but not as good as it could be with human involvement. If the business card is in languages other than English, things might seem buggy but with English cards it works well and fine, regardless of the nature and design of the card. Further, the app being available in free version is not a good deal to look into.

Link: Presto BizCard

Chirp (Free)

chirp best business card apps

The card exchange app is a good option for people having digital version of business cards. All you need to do is hold two phone next to each other and the app will transfer your digital business card to the other phone. It is a free app; hence there is no need to bother about paying anything to anyone.

Link: Chirp


biz card one of the best business card apps

Card Drop app enables you to create your own digital business card and assists you in distributing them to the people you will want to. After the card is ready, you have to open the app and drag the card into it. The app will utilize your phone’s GPS to determine the location. The new contacts can then get the card using this app or from the CardDrop website. The whole process is secure as no one without your approval can get the card, unless you chose that in the options.


These are some best business card scanner app for iPhone that you can easily install in your iPhone and iPad and enjoy the mechanism of these new awesome apps.