Best iPhone Apps for Business

iPhones have made life easy, especially for the businessmen. Any good business owner will know that time is money and wasted time is wasted money. With an Iphone you can utilize the time wasted during travels, commuting etc. however, in order to really make something of that spare time, you will require some very good apps. Numerous business apps can be downloaded from the app store but all of them are not worth that. To make things easier we have compiled a list of five best business applications for the iPhone.


Best iPhone Apps for BusinessThis app can be used to track your company’s email marketing. Apart from creating and sending email campaigns this app also acts like an analysis tool, used for obtaining data and figures. The app will also let you know the number of users who actually opened your emails.

This in-turn can be of great help to you while creating another campaign. The other feature include, option to organize your users in groups, checking the people who subscribed and unsubscribed to your mails. This app is a powerful marketing tool, which offers you valuable information and helps you in utilizing it as well.

Link: MailChimp


Best iPhone Apps for Business iterminaliTerminal is an Online Payment gateway business application for iPhone. It enables the iPhone users to make payments from their phone. You have the liberty to pay your bills while travelling or other things like that. All you are required to do is to enter your card details and the app will take care of the payments within no time. The whole system is safe and secure and does not allow any online threat.

Link: iTerminal


linkedin-Best apps for businessIt is a well know business and professional social networking site and need no introduction. For the business owner, it is a tool where he can get fresh recruitments for the company. On the other hand, it is a gold mine for skilled people looking for opportunities in different industries. The best thing with this app is that it will only display information as per your requirement and personal information.


You can also get real time reference from various side of life and get in touch with the employee or employers without wasting any time. All you will require for this app to work is a LinkedIn account, which can be created in a few minutes.

Link: LinkedIn Price: Free

Splashtop Business

Splashtop Business With this app you can access you computer anywhere from you Iphone. The interface is easy to use and the only thing you are require to get used to if the remapping of the keyboard. With this app you can open and edit your documents located on the hard disk of your PC from your Iphone. However, its functionality requires a good internet connection.

Link: Splashtop Business Price: £35 yearly subscription


Business apps for iPhone and iPad CamCardCamCard is a great app which assists you in managing your business contacts on the go. It has the option where you can get your business and personal contacts managed in two different groups. To save time, the application requires you to take image of the business card, the image is them analyzed for the text creating a pre filled contact form, where all you will require to do is press the save button. The app is also good when it comes to sending and receiving contacts. By far this is the best business app for managing contacts in Iphones.

Link: CamCard Price; £0.69 without ads

If you want to give these awesome business apps for iOS a try, then download a free version in your iPhone or iPad and check whether it meets your requirement or not, then only go for the premium one. But for sure, these will make an impact on your business life.