Best Travel Apps For iPhone and iPad

Every good travel app regardless of the platform they run on, have one thing in common: all of them help you resolve problems you didn’t even realize can arise. Moving on, in current times the app stores are bulging at a very rapid pace. Software that claim to make things easy for you and being useful are no longer enough for the developers looking forward to achieve greatness. If you are a techie, then certainly you will find a way to determine what the best apps for travelers are. However, how a common Smartphone user with limited knowledge deal with this notion. If your answer is affirmative, for the question, what the best travel apps are and what make them so, read on.

Whether they help you travel faster by assisting you in planning the journey, aid you in finding good restaurant or simply show you the way to the restroom in a strange city, the apps places in our list of 5, earned their place for being innovative, unique and completely space-age.

Some Best Travel Apps For your iPhone and iPad

TravelSafe Pro

Best travel apps for iOSA data base of emergency service numbers for almost every country, it can turn into a potential life saving app for the traveler in a strange country. It also gives you the embassy details for situations like passports going missing. You can pin certain services to your home screen, for one-touch access to ambulances and police. It is can be downloaded for £0.9. It is an award winning travel app and best in its class off course.

Link : TravelSafe Pro


Best travel apps for iPhone and iPadYou might say it is a whether reporting app. Think twice, this app offers weather reports for well over two million geographical locations across the globe and one of the best iPad travel apps. Being a traveler, you do not want to get in caught in snow wearing short pants or skirts. It can give you an insight how the weather is going to behave in the coming days at the place you intend to visits. This way you can backpack as per the situation. It is Available on iPhone for £2.49.


Link: WeatherPro

Google Goggles (Android)

Google Goggles- Best iOS app for travellingLike all other Google project, this app is more than just useful. In a strange place if you find some place amusing/famous and want to know about it, put this app into use. Fire this app and place the camera on the source of your amusement. As long as you point the camera towards it, if famous you will start receiving relevant information about the place from relevant Wikipedia articles. Initially, having quite a few bugs, the app is now toned up and features a really impressive database. It can be downloaded for the best price of free.

Link: Google Goggles


trip advisor is one of the best travel apps for iPhone and iPadIt is a free best travel itinerary app, which can be handy while travelling to a certain place for the first time. This app gives information about the hotel, restaurants and places to visit. The whole database is based on the reviews and information provided by real people. However, be aware, the place you intend to visit might have some harsh comments next to it as user-base is notoriously hard to please. Still, on the other side, it might offer information, which may save the day for you.

Link: TripAdvisor


Best travel apps foursquareIt is easy to use and simple to understand. Just launch the app when you reach a specific place. All the information about the place will be on your phone screen without minutes. Further, apart from giving information, the app will also display facts like, what restaurant is cheapest to dine at and what hotel is offering the best discounts. It is a free but one of the best travel app available for iPhone.

Link: FourSquare

These are some top rated and best travel apps that you can install easily in your iPhone or iPad and enjoy the accompany and guidance of these amazing travel apps anytime while travelling to unknown areas.