Best VoIP Apps for iPhone,iPad and Mac

In the present technological era, owning a smartphone is not that big of a deal. But there are a few phones that enjoy superiority over the others, and one such brand offering high quality phones is Apple. A company that was begun with the idea of selling a small personal computer now holds a large amount of market share in terms of smartphones, tablets and PC’s. There is no doubt in stating the fact that the products of Apple have made life comfortable and advanced at the same time.

With the boom of Internet, a large number of apps were launched that worked continuously and effectively in order to cut down the expenditure and increase the usage. Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp helped in bringing friends closer with the help of Internet. One didn’t have to pay for talking to people. But calling over the phone always had some cost hidden in it. Now, with the latest innovations, voice calling cost could also be reduced. This technology is the trend of Voice over Internet Protocol, also called as VoIP.

VoIP is a way of communicating through media sessions with other phones through the medium of Internet. All one needs is a particular app in his smartphone in order to allow him to have a two-way or multi-way communication over the media of Internet.

There are numerous VoIP apps available in the Apple Store, a few of them being free of cost while a few other are paid. But all these apps serve the same function that is to allow people to have a voice communication over the Internet. A few of the VoIP apps that are available for the iOS and are compatible with one’s iPhone, iMac, iPad or any other Apple product are mentioned below. It must be noted that these apps have been mentioned in a random order.

Well, having an iPhone is something nice but what about the calling. No matter what phone you have, you always have to pay for the calling. However, thanks to iOS based VoIP apps, this hurdled can be scaled with ease. Plenty of VoIP apps are released everyday in the app stores for iPhones and iPads but only few of these are worth to give a try. Based on the manner in which they work and the workability, listed here are 5 best VoIP apps for iPhone/iPads.

Best VoIP apps for iPhone and iPads:


Best VoIP Apps for iPhone,iPad and MacTalkatone work well with both, Wi-Fi and 3g connections. It is one of the few apps that can use the Google’s free calling feature found in Gmail. It can be kept running in the background and will ring like a normal call whenever some tries to get in touch with you. The app can also be used to chat with Google talk. Runs in both portrait and landscape mode and have support for blue tooth headphones. It is absolutely free and easy to use app.

Link: Talkatone

Whistle Phone

whistle phone the best ViOPs for iPhone and iPadIt is a great app designed for iOS users to make free calls. Recently this app has also been optimized for the iPads. By installing this app you will get a unique whistle number, which can make and receive calls from conventional mobile numbers and landlines. It also gives you the option to divert you calls to your traditional phones. The whole system is ad supported to generate revenues to develop the app on regular basis.

Link: Whistle Phone


skype for iOS- The best iOS ViOP This app needs no introduction, it is one of the best voip app for iPhone. For years Skype has been one of the most used VoIP apps in the world. With Skype you can make calls to other Skype user for free. It also let you call conventional phones for very low rates. The app is mostly used by people making long distance call because of it being very cheap and simple to use. The best feature of the Skype, which makes it better than other apps in its class, is its Video chat and video conference options. Although many other apps also offer these features but none is as effective as Skype.

Link: Skype


Line one of the best VoIPs for iPhone and iPadAnother popular app for VoIP calling in iPhones and iPads is Line2. Although paid one this certainly is one of the best VoIP apps for Iphone/iPads. It is a paid service with the first 30 days offered for free and then a price $9.95 per month. With line2 you actually get a second mobile number without changing you sim card. It’s nice in that it adds a second number to your Iphone. This number can be used for work or personal use. The line charges your card directly as compared to other apps, which charge you iTunes account. You can cancel the service anytime without paying any kind of penalties.

Link: Line

GV Connect

gv connect the best VOiPs for iphone and iPAD If you have Talkatone then GV connect is a must for you. These two apps are bound to be together and the duo certainly makes them the best VoIP apps for the IOS platform. The app allows you to view your call history, send SMS messages, listen/read voicemail and view your call history. The app can work by integrating with Talkatone to start calls. When you launch GV connect to make a call, you can actually have the option to place calls using Talkatone. It is a app and can be downloaded for $2.99.

Link: GV connect



Viber can be termed as another very famous app used for Voice Calling. This app has received a large number of downloads and is widely used by the customers due to the excellent quality delivered by it. Viber is available for iOS platforms and can be used to make Local, National as well as International calls free of cost, over the Internet. This app keeps on running in the background and drains a minimum amount of battery as per its application, which makes it a must have app.

Link: Viber



It has not been that long since the launch of Rebtel app, but nevertheless, the number of downloads and the popularity this app gained is just out of the box. This app is available over the iOS platforms and can be used to make calls like any other VoIP apps. The best feature of this app is that the user need not maintain any balance or make a monthly payment in order to use this app. This is one of the best apps for the travelers out there as it allows cheap calls over the Internet.


Link: Rebtel

Google Voice

 Google Voice

Google has entered almost every aspect of technology, may it be the Hardware, Smartphones, Social Networking, Cloud Storage, or Voice and Video Calling. The best things about the products of Google are its User Interface and the ease in its usage. Another Google product that has the capability to dominate the market is Google Voice. It is software that is integrated to the Google Account of the user and can be used to call any other Google user all around the world. This software can also be used to share files among other users. So, all one has to do is install this app onto their devices and enjoy the services of Google.

Link: Google Voice



Fring is a kind of Social Networking app and also has the feature to make Voice as well as Video Calls. Upon downloading, one is prompted to Sign Up to the servers where one can create a profile, add a few friends and even make some friends through this app. One can chat with them over texts or over VoIP. One can chat with multiple people at the same time too, making it another great app for the purpose of VoIP. This app best runs on 3G, 4G or Wireless Networks.

Link: Fring



This is also a very famous app for VoIP being used nowadays. This app also prompts you to create an account on its server. The account that is created on iCall is free of cost and works greatly for Voice Calls. The only limitation of the free account on iCall is that the duration of the calls is limited to just 5 minutes. If one wants to talk for longer than that in a single run then he will have to upgrade to a premium account that offers many other features too. The app offers a great sound quality and also keeps on running in the background, allowing its usage on requirement.

Link: iCall



Truphone is a kind of app that offers a varied usage. One can call an account created on Truphone, Skype and even GTalk/Hangouts through this app. One can also make use of features like Text Messaging, Background Calling, twitter Integration, etc. through this app. One can also make external calls through this app by paying a nominal cost to the servers. In all, this app is great and easy to use for any iOS user. The varied usage and applications make it a worth try.

Link: Truphone



CSipSimple app is just like its name, simple to use and even simpler to integrate. This app has an interface resembling to that of a phone call and can be used in a similar manner. Multiple Accounts can be created on this app and one doesn’t even need to pay a Monthly Subscription for this app. All one has to do is download this app from the Store and create a new account or Sign In with an existing account. Calling is really simple and the voice quality offered is also great.

TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie

TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie

The name of the app says it all. It is a kind of app, ideal for Local calls as it converts your phone into a Walkie Talkie when switched on. This app might not be ideal or useful for International Calls, but is of great usage for Local Calls. One can easily track down his friends who have this app installed in their smartphones and can make use of it with no hassle. It is one of the easiest VoIP apps available in the App Store of Apple.

Link: TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie



Tango is a VoIP app that is sidelining the many famous VoIP and Video Calling apps like Skype. Tango has achieved a great name and fame in the market today and has a wide usage nowadays. This is because of its simple interface and varied application prospects. The app runs smoothly in background too and doesn’t bother the battery of the phone much. It can work seamlessly on a 3G, 4G, or a wireless network and allows calling over the Internet. All one has to do is download this app and create an account on the app.

Link: Tango


 MobileVOIP Cheap calls

MobileVoIP is another very famous app gaining a huge attraction nowadays. This app allows its users to make cheap calls over the Internet. This app makes use of an active Internet Connection. After downloading and Logging IN to the servers of the app, one can call to any number through the active keypad that appears on the screen. Easy to use and recharge, this app has eased up a lot of situations and has made the life of the users easy.

Link: MobileVoIP

These VoIP apps have eased up the life of the customers. They can choose an ideal app for their device and can use them on the go, whenever they require making a call to their friends, and relatives. The allowances of International Calls make these apps, even more flexible and hence allow a huge application. One saves a lot of money and efforts by using these apps as International Calling and Roaming cost a lot as per provided by the Telecom Servers. Through these apps, all they need is an Active Internet Connection and a smartphone to make the call. They can ask any of their friend or relative to install the same app on their phone, and hence can have a non-stop, non-hindered, high-quality communication with their friend. It won’t be wrong to state the fact that these apps have made the life of the people easy as they have stepped down in a new era of technology. These apps have a bright future the way these apps are being used nowadays. So, find the appropriate app that suits you, download it and get talking through it!

Waiting for what? Install one of these best VoIP apps in your iPhone or iPad and enjoy seamless experience of extraordinary calling over internet using these VoIP apps.