Best VPN Apps for iOS

For those living in the UAE, it is often difficult to stream many popular internet shows or use daily platforms like WhatsApp and Skype since the government bans them. Thankfully, UAE citizens need to wallow in grief because there are multiple good VPNs they can use to connect with the world. 

To come up with a list of the best VPNs, we conducted thorough research by going through multiple third-party sites and interacting with people who have used these VPNs in the past. As a result, we have come up with 10 options for you to pick from. 

Top 5 Paid VPN Apps for iOS in UAE

VPN – Master Proxy ProVPN - Master Proxy Pro Review


  •  1-month plan available for $12.99/month
  • 15 months plan for $5.33/ month
  • 24 months plan for $3.75/ month
  • Moneyback guarantee provided

Online security and privacy: With its AES 256-bit encryption, Proxy Master Pro keeps all your data safe and masks your online identity. 

Protects multiple devices: Keeps all the devices safe and secure. You only require one subscription account and protect up to 6 devices at a time. 

Fast connection: No more slow connection issues. Proxy provides an ultrafast secure connection.

Download here

ZenVPN-VPN Fast UnlimitedZenVPN-VPN Fast Unlimited review 


  • Unlimited plan Yearly for $49.95 / year
  • Monthly plan for $5.95 / month
  • Weekly plan available for $2.95 / week

Free trial available: ZenVPN-VPN Fast Unlimited allows you to try the connection quality for free before charging. 

Extremely fast: Owing to its globally distributed network, its bandwidth is extended, making the connectivity fast. 

Pocket-friendly pricing: The minimum package starts from $2.95, which is the cheapest option. 

No configuration: It’s a simple download and install pack. 

Online activities not tracked: The network does not log your footprints online. 

Highly secure Industry-standard encryption is used to ensure premium security levels. 

Download here

ExpressVPNExpressVPN review iOS


  • 1-month plan priced at $ 12.95 
  • 15-month plan available at $ 6.67/ month
  • 6 months plan for $ 9.99/per month
  • 30 days money-back guarantee provided

Secure access: With ExpressVPN, you can connect quickly and securely from anywhere. The high-speed network serves around 94 countries!

Every device use: A single ExpressVPN subscription can cover all your devices

Safe usage: The VPN hides all your personal information, thereby keeping you secure. 

Ip address masked: You can change your IP address through this secure VPN server and keep yourself hidden

Live support: The company representatives are available 24*7 to help you. You can connect with them via email or chat to troubleshoot any issue

Download here

Star VPN:Star VPN Review


  • Yearly plan priced at $2.99/ month
  • Available monthly for $9.99 

Privacy and security: This VPN encrypts your device’s VPN while using public connections to enhance security and eliminate threat reactors

Worldwide surfing: Using this VPN, you can search every website around the world without being tracked by ISP or any other agency

Devices: You can use the VPN on six devices with one subscription

Download here

NordVPN:NordVPN Review UAE


  • Exclusive two-year plan for $3.30/ month
  • 1-year plan for $4.92/ month
  • Monthly plan for $11.95

Secure: The brand uses state of the art encryption system to keep all your data secure


No-log: The company does not collect information and private data 

Speed: This VPN combines the power of both speed and security. 

Streaming: No time lost in buffering! 

Supports multiple devices: With one subscription, you can connect up to 6 devices and secure them in combination

Multi-factor authentication: Secure your account with multi-factor authentication

Double protection: You can change your IP twice and then cover your web traffic with an added security layer

Download here

Top 5 Free VPN apps for iOS in UAE

Jet VPN:Jet VPN review


  • Free packages available

Ease of use: It has a delicate graphic design and an intuitive interface, making Jet VPN one of the easiest to use options. 

Comprehensive coverage: Jet VPN has its service across 59 countries, which has upgraded its bandwidth. 

Multiple device connection: With one subscription, you can connect up to 6 devices with this VPN. 

Excellent security: The servers have advanced encryption, but the same encryption is present in over two servers making the software a lot more secure. 

Download here

One VPN:One VPN review


  • Free subscription available

Interface: The VPN has a straightforward interface covering basic information like connection status, data received, protocol and location. 

Performance: The sheer speed of this VPN is of high quality and does not lead to any disconnect or other malfunctions. 

Multi-platform usage: The VPN provides service for most platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX Linux iOS, and Android. There are manual setup guides available for streaming boxes, routers, and gaming consoles. 

Security: The VPN has add-block malware protection along with NAT Firewall, providing excellent protection against malware.

Download here 

Touch VPN:Touch VPN review


  • Free Packages Available beside subscription 

Worldwide access: You can unlock any website you want by surpassing the geo-restriction with this VPN. Even if the government or your workplace blocks websites, you can still access them. You also get to escape firewalls and use Facebook and watch YouTube. 

Surf the internet: The VPN does not let you be snooped by ISP and also prevents the website from tracking and targeting. The VPN changes your IP address so you can stay anonymous. 

Multi-platform usage: It is available on Mac, Microsoft, Google Play Firefox, and many other platforms. 

Download here

ProtonVPN:ProtonVPN Review


  • Though it has paid plans, the free plan is good too. 

Secure core: The VPN has a secure architecture that keeps the VPN service secured from network-based attacks. Simply put, the server routes the traffic through multiple servers before leaving the network. 

Strong encryption: The VPN encrypts the traffic using AES-256, and key exchange is done using 4096-bit RSA. Besides, HMAC with SHA384 is used for authentication.  

Protocols: For enhanced security, all Proton VPN servers are well protected by full disk encryption. This keeps the VPN secure from any external attacks. 

Download here



  • Free subscription available

High End internet security provided: The encryption security provided by this VPN allows users to transfer data safely without coming under the radar

High speed: The Onekey VPN allows you to speed up all the content you watch online

Data transfer: The VPN does not put any restriction on data usage and allows one to download and stream anything they want


Many people use a VPN in the UAE to access sites and content blocked by the government. You need not worry about detention as the list we have made above comprises all secured options provided by highly reliable companies. 

All of the brands above feature industry-standard encryption and other advanced features to keep you and your search history hidden from prying eyes. So, select an option as per your need and binge-watch all that you want! 

VPN Apps for iOS
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VPN Apps for iOS
To come up with a list of the best VPNs, we conducted thorough research by going through multiple third-party sites and interacting with people who have used these VPNs in the past. As a result, we have come up with 10 options for you to pick from. 
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