How To Check Salesforce Edition In Easy Steps?

Salesforce is one of the best CRM products which is composed of Sales cloud, marketing cloud, service cloud and many important integrated parts along with a development console. Customized application building and sharing is also provided by this CRM and along with all the features required for a successful CRM, Salesforce continues to be the number one CRM software in the industry. As a regular user of the product Salesforce, you may need to find the correct edition and release of the Salesforce instance you are using. The present options of Salesforce edition are ‘Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited etc. The present options for Release are winter, spring, summer etc. Let us go over the different methods on how to check Salesforce edition in detail.

How To Check Salesforce Edition In Easy Steps

How to check Salesforce edition?

If you are wandering how to check Salesforce edition, here are the ways to do so.


  • On the title bar of your browser, hover your mouse and you will find the edition of the Salesforce displayed after this. The edition is displayed in the text coming after you hover the mouse on the browser bar. This works on all browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • The other option is to log Salesforce as an administrator and click on the Setup Then click on Administer and the Salesforce edition will be clearly displayed on the right panel in front of you.
  • The other good solution to your problem of how to check Salesforce edition is to run the following query from Developer Console

Select OrganizationType from Organization

How to check the release of your Salesforce instance?

After knowing how to check Salesforce edition it is important to know how to check the release or version of your Salesforce instance. Salesforce releases about 3 releases every year. The sandbox instances are upgraded 2 to 3 weeks before the production upgrade. So at any point of time you may need to know which the version of your sandbox instance is and which the version of your production instance is. You can determine the version or release of your Salesforce instance in two following ways.

Go to an App whose logo you have not customized and you can determine the release version from the logo.

You can navigate to the Home tab and see the right hand side of the computer screen. You will find something like ‘Discover <Release Name>..’ e.g. Discover Summer 16.