Comic Book Reader App

The screen of the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad made them ideal for reading digital comics. Keeping this in view, app developers created many apps, specifically designed comic book reading. These apps support different file formats such as cbz and cbr. These comic book reader apps are a perfect alternative for people, who love reading comics but do not want to carry them wherever they go.

Based on the best reviews and their features, here are five best comic book reader apps available for iOS users.

Best Comic Book Reader Apps for iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Comic Zeal Comic Reader

comic zeal best comic book reader app for iphoneComic Zeal Comic Reader is a high standard app for reading comics. The best thing is that I can render the images flawlessly making reading much pleasant. It is a fast app and doesn’t have bugs much often. The app apart from being fast doesn’t use much memory, which implies it is soft on the hardware as well. Multiple display options are available for the user.

Link: Comic Zeal Comic Reader


SideBooks Best Comic Book Reader AppIt is one of the best free options available in the stores for reading comics. Apart from comics, it also supports PDF and e-book formats. The app has double tap and pinch to zoom, two page views in landscape, locks your zoom setting and renders images properly. Although the page turns are a bit slower, being free it is not such a bad app. All you have to do is drag and drop the e-comics into this app.


Link: SideBooks

Cloud Readers

Cloud Readers - comic book readerIt is a good app which displays comics well and is simple to use. The user interface is simple, with very few options to deal with. Thought, few options than others may seem a negative factor but it is this very thing that makes it a good app. The app has been designed keeping in view all the users of iPhone, ranging from 10year old kid to 75 year old grandpa. It is also free of any stability or transfer issues, a factor found with most apps.

Link: Cloud Readers


ComiXology best Comics AppComixology is an Amazon Kindle project created for user to buy comics. Excluding Dark horse, almost every major publisher of the comic books can be found on this app. The most advanced feature one can find in his app is CMX-HD, a function that takes full advantage of the Retina display. This makes it easier for the user to read the comics, even with small texts without any problem. The other feature of this app is that it announces in advance about the launch of new issues for many comic series.

Link: Comixology


It is a paid app and can be downloaded for $4.99. It utilizes retina display to the maximum and makes it easier for user to read texts without any difficulty. It comes with the option of pinch and zooms to read things which are smaller than expected. The interface is user friendly and all you will require to get comics into this app is drag and drop. You can save the comics into the phone and then drop them into this app with a simple swipe.

If you are a fond of comic book, you can effortlessly enjoy your favorite one with one of the above mentioned comic book reader app digitally!