Cooking Apps For iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

If you own an iPhone and love cooking new things, then why not download cooking apps from the store and learn making new recipes every single day. There are more than many cooking applications in the iTunes store and more are added every day.  While some of these are just something where we should not bother to stop, some are certainly worth a try. Based on the user friendliness, number of recipes, and reviews, here are 5 best cooking apps for iOS based platform.

Best Cooking Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)


Best Cooking Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)Whether you’re into grilling, baking or frying, you will find everything on free cooking apps.  The thing that makes it better than other is that it can show you ways to make dished within a few minutes. This can certainly come handy when you are hungry or some unannounced guest arrive near the dine time. The data base is full of recipes from all across the globe.

Link: Allrecipes

Whole Foods Market Recipes

Best iOS cooking apps for iOSWhole Foods Market Recipes is the best cooking apps for iPad. If you are single and have no idea what cooking is, but now really requires it, this app is for you then. Apart from just listing the recipes, this app actually teaches you step by step, how to make our own food. It is something which you can use to impress the hot chick you bought along form the bar. It is kind of cart, where you write what you had in hands, the app on that basis will find you the best recipes that can be made from them.

Link: Whole Foods Market Recipes


Cooking Apps For iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)By far the best cooking app for iOS based devices in the list, with features including millions of recipes, share your recipes function, get new ideas from the people to use your left over’s and getting special recipes for special events.  The app is not limited to the database; you can actually look for recipes from other sites as well.  The app is good for those who are looking forward to learn cooking foreign foods. Many restaurants in the world have used this tool to increase the number of items in their menu cards.


Link: Paparika (iPhone)
Link: Paparika (iPad)

Fast Paleo

Fast Paleo Cooking APPsFast Paleo app has more than 1,200 mouth-watering recipes in 19 different categories. Each day new Recipes are updated on this app so that the user always has new ideas coming their way regularly. All you are required to do is type something relevant to what you are looking for. The whole system works like a search engine and even relevant search can get you some of the best ideas, you could have thought of. It is a paid app and can be downloaded for 99 cents from the app stores. The price of the app is negligible when compared to what it offers for cooking lovers.

Link: Fast Paleo

Healthy Recipes

 Healthy recipe app for iOS devicesThis app is the best option for people looking for healthy but tasty cuisines. The app is a database of more than 19000 healthy recipes ranging from weight lose recipes to healthy hear food guides.  The whole database is categorized and one can look for food recipes on the basis of ethnicity, country and calories.

Link: Healthy Recipes

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Try one of the best cooking app and make something new with your hand. All of these you can make happen just by a simple download of any of the above mentioned cooking app. Install one of the best cooking apps and forget crawling for new recipes.