Garmin Apps for iPhone

Garmin is one of the most popular and trusted name when we talk about the navigation devices or machinery. Well, it is not only the devices that we use in our cars are powered by Garmin but also a fleet of applications available for wide platforms of smartphone are available in the store from the company. There are 3 main platforms, that is, iOS from Apple, Android from Google and at last and the most boring, Windows from Microsoft. Well, as we all know that iOS is most famous so let us talk about the best Garmin Apps that you can have on your iPhone.

Garmin Apps for iPhone

Garmin Connect Mobile

This Garmin Apps is really essential for many of the users who are using any Garmin device that is compatible with smartphone connectivity. You can connect your device with your iOS operating smartphone and this application will tell and record your every movement.

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It records your steps, your activities as well as it tracks your fitness. You can have a fair idea about how much calories you burnt in a day or how much you worked out in a day. If it is not all, you can also get updates relating to Golf on your device along with your favorite match feeds. It really is a great application for you if you are a fitness freak.

Download: Garmin Connect Mobile

Garmin Smartphone Link

This is another very useful application for iOS users as this is compatible with nearly all the Garmin devices that are available in the market. This application can connect your iPhone to your Garmin navigation device and then it will use the data from your phone to get you live feed on everything, like your contacts or weather, or the parking spot that is vacant near you or it can even show you live videos from more than 10,000 traffic cameras in US.

NOTE: if you are not able to connect your Garmin device, then you might have to upgrade its software in order to do so.

Download: Garmin Smartphone Link

Garmin BlueChart Mobile

If you are into boating and stuff and often go out on trips, then this is the application for you. What you can do is you download this application, and then you sync it with your chart plotter in your boat and it can direct you to wirelessly access the maps and theses maps are precise and specifically tailored for marine use only.

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This will also allow you to know about your weather conditions and if you really are serious about weather, then you can choose the premium weather guide service which will give you infrared cloud imagery along with marine news, storm watch and radar imagery. This is a useful app for limited fans only.

Download: Garmin BlueChart Mobile

Garmin Tracker

If you want to track your loved ones then this is the application for you. This application comes handy in case you got a young child going to his school, then all you need to do is put the tracking device into the bag pack and then keep a track of him through your Garmin Tracker application. This application also comes handy when delivering goods as it makes it easy to track the goods that are being sent. This application not only allows you to track the device but you can also track the device’s history or make geofences or even change the settings remotely.


Base Camp Mobile

This is a very interesting application meant strictly for those who love adventure. If you download this application and connect it to your Garmin device, you will be able to record your trip, tracks, share photos or even share your whole trip with your friends which is really a great idea. If you share your story, it will also give info to your friends with the specific footsteps, this is useful when your friend has lost his way and wants to join you back.

Download: Base Camp Mobile

Garmin HUD North America

Garmin HUD + is a cool navigation device by Garmin which is available in the market and as you would expect, this application helps you to pair your iPhone to the Garmin HUD +. When paired, the Garmin HUD turns your iPhone into a fully fledged navigating device with many features. You can even make in app purchases for additional features like voice command which would also speak the name of the streets, live traffic service which will constantly give you live traffic updates and 3D maps which will show your buildings in 3D along with proper information.

Download: Garmin HUD North America 

Garmin VIRB

This is a very specific application which lets you connect the iPhone with VIRB Live Camera in your car. You can record, edit or share your recorded clips from the VIRB Camera with ease and you can also connect multiple cameras using one common iPhone.

Download: Garmin VIRB

Garmin Helm

Yatch owners, this one is for you again as you can connect your iPhone to your Chart Plotter and not only one, but many iPhones can be connected to the Chart Plotter. You can easily switch between different views in Chart Plotters like infrared or cloud view etc.

Download: Garmin Helm

Garmin U.S.A.

This application is free but the list of the features on this one is enormous. First of all the thing that makes it great is its user interface and the next this is its voice command which is perfect to use and also highly efficient to use as this one is very informative. It also gives you turn by turn voice commands and 3D maps as well as it notifies you if you are driving out of your lane. You can even share your location on facebook or twitter or you can even look for police stations or hospitals in case of emergencies. The only drawback of it is that it is available in US only and it costs nearly $50

Download: Garmin U.S.A.

Garmin UK And Ireland

This is similar to the Garmin U.S.A. and also provides the same sort of features but the difference is that it is available in United Kingdom and Ireland only. There is a massive drawback in this as like the US version this one is costly too. It is available for $65.

Download: Garmin UK & Ireland

These applications are built by Garmin and there was only one purpose that was being taken care of while building these apps which is synchronizing data from one device to another with ease. All these applications serve special purposes so choose the perfect Garmin Apps for you wisely.

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