How to Transfer Apps to iPhone Without iTunes

One of the saddest parts as conceived by people of being an iPhone user is that your transferring source is just restricted to iTunes. iTunes is considered as the whole and sole of an iDevice and when it comes to sharing and transferring of apps and data, one has to say, the iOS users feel a step behind to those integrated with Android.

But all those is just a common psyche, in reality it’s the user who can change the face of his device by exploring and it is just through this exploration that we have found a way through which you can boast about owning an iDevice, when the topic of transferring apps without the use of iTunes comes up.

How to Transfer Apps to iPhone Without iTunes

The following are the ways through which you can easily share apps without the usage of iTunes. You simply don’t need to rely on iTunes anymore. After reading this article you will just understand why?

  • CopyTrans Apps Free Beta: The CopyTrans Apps Free Beta helps you to not only download apps on your iPhone but it takes you a step ahead by not only allowing you to download the apps and transfer it but also do the same with the music as we mentioned in the previous article. With the help of CopyTrans Apps Free Beta you can back-up as well as transfer data from one iPhone to the other and that too with complete app preference and documents.

Download CopyTrans for your IOS


  • iTools: iTools is an in-house app in which one can easily transfer apps and files after downloading it from the App store thus avoiding the usage of iTunes.  iTools was introduced not a long ago. It is a free application which is very nice and user-friendly. It is also compatible with both Windows and Mac, thus you can easily transfer your apps to your iDevices from just about any computer.

Click Here: Download iTools for Windows

Click Here: Download iTools for Mac

  • SyncIOS: SyncIOS is another app which is an alternative to iTunes. It is for the people who are tired of iTunes they can use SyncIOSto copy apps, music, E-books and more to your iPhone without iTunes, SyncIOSPC to iPhone. With SyncIOS you can you can backup of your images, videos, apps, music, all of which can be retrieved whenever you need them.

Click Here: Download SyncIOS for your IOS.

  • Appandora: Appandora is a free and easy way to to help users download and install apps to iPad, iPhone without the usage of iTunes. This freeware has been specially designed specifically for the users who want to get iOS apps without using iTunes and it’s not just that with Appandora you can download thousands of application resources listed on Appandora.

Click Here: Download Appandora for your IOS.

The above mentioned were few alternatives to iTunes which one can download if they are searching for an alternative to a many people’s headache iTunes. You can simply transfer apps, manage them, transfer your music and important documents simply by downloading those freewares and apps from the links given below and experience a transferring option, which is an alternative to iTunes.