Find My iPhone App – How to Use & its Features, Limitations

Apple’s find my iPhone app was originally initiated in the year 2010 for the MobileMe users and slowly iPhone made it available to all the devices after the introduction of IOS 4.3. Find my iPhone is an app through which all the iGadgets as well as Mac can be located and thus the tracking of these IOS devices can be done easily.

It rose to prominence in 2013, when it was made available as a full-fledged app for the users through which they can locate their handset by the usage of app. Apple laid down emphasis on Find my iPhone after numerous incidents happened by the hackers and thieves charged a ransom amount by threatening the users of those handsets to reveal their private stuff and moreover misuse it.

How to use Find My iPhone App Features, LimitationsFinally it was time for Apple to take action and it considerably did it, when it introduced this app which is not built-in but has been made available to download for free from the Appstore. Thus with the Find my iPhone app, if you ever misplace your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac, you can simply use this app and it will help you to orchestrate and protect your data from another iOS device or Any Computer.

How Does Find My iPhone App Work

Find my App can be downloaded easily from the Appstore, all you need is to download it and open it with your Apple ID. Then the app would automatically locate the your device on the map and thus you can choose to play a sound,display a message, remotely lock your device, or erase your data on it. You can simply exercise any of this option.

How to Find Lost iPhone with Find My iPhone App on PC or Mac

Find my iPhone App Website


  • Click on Find My iPhone Icon in the homepage options as shown in below image.

find my iphone app website

  • It will show you your iPhone/iOS device location on map with option to play a sound,display a message, remotely lock your device, or erase your data. It also shows how much battery is remaining, check out image below. Some functionality are location based and my not be available in every region.

locate your iphone using find my phone app

Now the major issue with this app is that it needs to be enabled in the iCloud setting, just only then will it be able to locate your handset. Although it is a terrific app, there are still rough patches where it may leave you stranded. Many users have shared their bad experiences with “Find my iPhone app”. Thus today will list you some of the most common errors with the Find my iPhone app.

  • No location available: Sometimes when the users logs in his ID from an alternative device to use the Find my iPhone app in order to locate the devices, he/she receives this No location available message on the screen, which further frustrates the users and lands him in a mess.
  • Server Error: Most of the time when the speed of your app isn’t nice it tends to show server Error many a times, now as the server isn’t available. How would one locate his iPhone. That’s merely impossible and evenly frustrating.
  • Connection Error: Even though you are connected with an alternative iPhone where the net is working full-fledged, you still tend to see this connection Error notification, which annoys you the most.
  • App Error: One of the most irritating of these common errors is the App Error where the App although is downloaded and install in a gadget, just doesn’t open up and thus this notification is displayed.

Thus the aforementioned mentioned where the features as well as the drawback errors in the Find My iPhone app. Although there are many advantages as well, these are common drawbacks that can annoy a person. But still being an iPhone user, you need to get this app for safety instance.

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