How to Use Google Apps for Business

Using Google Apps for Business is a good alternative to Microsoft’s Office 365 suite. For small business establishments having limited budget, Google apps are considered an excellent all-in-one solution. As the apps will be created for official works, making it a commercial purpose, the price a small business owner has to pay is quiet acceptable.

How to Use Google Apps for BusinessThe subscription includes, document viewer/creator, unlimited cloud storage, videoconferencing app and a world calendar for scheduling appointments and time tables. Read on to know more about, How to use Google apps for business to obtain more benefits out of them.

View and Edit Documents

How to Use Google Apps for Business View and Edit DocumentsWe all know that how important documents are in any type of business. For years we have been using the MS office for this purpose; however, things have changed now with powerful tool like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in the market. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides have a full-featured word processor. Similar to MS word or Libreoffice it lets you write or edit documents and Google sheets like MS Excel helps you in creating data spread sheets. Similarly Google slides, assists you in preparing and annotate presentations on the go.

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Google Drive

best apps for business-Google DriveGoogle drive is a virtual storage app, which can be downloaded form iTunes for free. This app offers the services like file storage and synchronization. Further, it allows users to share and edit files with collaborators, store documents in the cloud and keep the phone memory open.

This app can also offer users the freedom to see and work on their files from a PC, by logging into their Google account. The fee plan offers 15GB of storage per user, which can be extended up to 30GB of storage for each user, for $5 per month. For another $10 you can get the space extended up to 1TB and unlimited storage for all your employees.


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GoogleCalendarThis app helps you and your team to coordinate appointments, plan projects and schedule meeting on the go. For new users, it offers use of a shared calendar where the employees of the company can get details about the events scheduled by the company in advance. You can also use it to create the roasters for the employees. When you use this app, you can know what meetings your staff personals are attending and who can be available for certain work.

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gmail - how to use Gmail for workThis one needs no introduction as it is as popular as the technology itself.  This service is already considered the best and most used mail service in the present age. However, for business owners, apart from helping you create a regular Email, it also offers features where you can get email IDs like [email protected].

This may seem a simple thing but for small business owners this can become a part of their identity.  The Gmail business app offers storage which is twice what a regular user gets. Instead of 15 GB the Gmail for business offers 30 GB storage, which means you will never have to delete messages to open space for new ones.  The app can be downloaded from iTunes.

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Video Conferencing

Google Hangouts The best app for small business users from Google is the Google hangouts. It is a video calling app, which can be used for conducting online conferences, one on one interviews, and staff meeting.

Google offers an ample of internet facilities for your business you can use the apps of these for business effortlessly from your iPhone and iPad. You just need a good data connection, that’s all.

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