Tutorial to Recover Data from iPhone

Data is important information that I need to store in some device. Ideally saying my iPhone is the lustrous glass box where I used to keep some important information. It is possible for me to make the backup storage using iTunes or else iCloud. Nevertheless, I found that this software would not help me to protect or to recover the data so faster and seamlessly. Due to so many reasons, data can be lost in iPhone and they are,

  • iPhone jailbreak
  • Data deletion in the process of a misoperation
  • Damaging, smashing or crashing of iPhone
  • Updating iOS on the iPhone
  • Due to virus attack in iPhone
  • Black and white death screen
  • Battery replacement of iPhone
  • Disable to unlock due to a forgotten password, and
  • In case, iTunes does not recognise the iPhone etc.

Discussing all possible reasons of losing data from iPhone may arise some question regarding the recovery process. After lots of research,I found there is an excellent solution provided by the tenorshare iPhone data recovery option. This option of recovery for Mac not only gives backup but also helps to restore the iOS device from iTunes and iCloud backups.

The Tenorshare recovery process offers the option of making a preview selecting the categories of files to recover by menu interface. Twenty different types of files can be restored in this way such as contacts, photos, notes, SMS, voicemails, calendars, saved data, call history, documents and much more. At the time of restoring, they may be saved in individual formats like .xml, .txt, .jpg, and .xls.

Working Process of iPhone Data Recovery

Tutorial to Recover Data from iPhone (3)I reveal the value of software regarding Mac’s interface data recovery by scanning my iPhone, which hardly takes a few minute. Immediately after the scan, I found the list of the lost contents at the left of the screen. It is quite easy to select the lost dialogue from the segments as per the category whether in-app or phone- native. The process is same for images, call histories, contacts and so on.

I prefer Tenorshare iPhone recovery option as the process of backup by iTunes or iCloud needs numerous clicks and more time. By far the Tenorshare is the time-saving process rather than the trouble of backup. In addition, the software is adjustable and applicable in all iPhone models.

To make the details easy for you, I can give the information about working process of recovery by Tenorshare in iPhone. There are three different modes available for data recovery. They are,


  • Direct recovery of data without making backup – mode 1
  • Restoration of iPhone data from iTunes backup file – mode 2
  • Restoration of iPhone data from iCloud backup file – mode 3

Mode 1:

iPhone Data Recovery Tutorial to Recover Data from iPhone

This mode combines several procedures systematically. At first, iPhone is connected to PC via USB cable and choose the recovery mode. It will open a pop-up box or window offering a “Trust” tap on the screen of iOS tool. The next process follows scanning for searching the lost data by selecting the button of “start scan”. By continuity, check the list of deleted items, select the items to need to recover and restore them by saving time. It is also possible to print after reviewing the options, which is optional. Click the recover button and feel safe by getting back the lost data.

Mode 2:

Tutorial to Recover Data from iPhone Data RecoveryIn this process, recovery of synced data with iTunes on PC is possible by selecting the respective button. It takes the time to prepare the list of backup files showing an interface of loading data. Select the item you want to get back and click the “start scan “button. Another important point is that if the iTunes backup has not followed the default path then the list of backup data will not appear automatically. In such case, Tenorshare iOS recovery helps to import backup files allowing to extract the backup data from the list. If any file is missing from backup then follow the scanning. After completion of scanning, preview the category of files and retrieve them as per the requirement.

Mode 3:

iPhone Data RecoveryRestoring iPhone data, which is previously backed up by iCloud, is also possible quite comfortably. The first step is to choose recovery option and accordingly have to log into iCloud by giving an appropriate password. Scan the items you need to retrieve and preview the categories of those items on the display. Select the recovery option and restore it easily.

I am so delighted that I have found this excellent recovery tool which made it possible for me to get back the details of data and file that I needed urgently.

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