How to Lock Apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod Devices

You are always in unrest state. Any mobile phone you use, the people around you just are looking to get in your skin, in a time where app-lock is a must, if you are to maintain your secrecy and privacy apart from those initial apps of Maze-lock and password which Android offers. But in case of Apple, the only option that they have provided the users is with the in-built Pass code.

How to Lock Apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod DevicesAlthough there were rumors and trolls around the net when many people were fooled by many users saying that Apple has introduced a privacy lock for your apps. Now may be we iPhone users are doomed with that feature but here we are with the curse lifted as we provide you some of the top IOS apps that will help you to lock your apps.

The following are the Gallery locking apps which will help you to hide your stuffs and maintain the privacy:

Restricting your apps with Guided Access

With the Guided access (an in-built feature), one can easily place barriers for people to gain access to gallery by changing the settings in your Accessibility settings. Once you enable the Guided Access, you can access it by triple-clicking home button. But that is not many of us want.

Once Guided Access is up and running, no one will be able to touch and use your phone unless you insert the passcode. But that’s not the optimal solution.


Folder Locker

Folder Lock is a very simple, easy to use app through which you can simply protect your photos, documents, music, notes, voice memos, etc. which means that all you privacy-needed application can be locked with the help of Folder Locker. In Folder Locker app you are required to re-enter the app in order to access those locked files. But you are required to delete the photo album even though you have inserted it in Folder locker app, please note that Folder Locker is just a storage app while outside its folders it doesn’t have the necessary access that is required to get rid of those copies.

Click here: Download Folder locker for iOS

Is that it? Yes. Unfortunately that’s it. There is just this one folder locker from the third-party which you can get for your iPhone by clicking on the above link. But this is the sad part, that if you are looking for security apps without jail-breaking you have got just two options, in which the first being the usage of Guided Access and the second being the Folder Locker.

But as soon as any app is made available we will be among the first ones to notify you. Let’s just hope that with the upcoming iOS 9, we may get this files hiding app that doesn’t need jailbreak. And is made available within the phone or make some files-locking app available on one’s iPhone.

The iPhone 7 is expected to experience some mind-boggling features with the rumors surfacing of the 21-MP DSLR quality camera as well as the Sapphire glass which is to be included along with a new sidewalls and a charger. So these IOS apps are for locking and protecting you music, gallery, and voice-notes. Be patient and keep waiting.