Mobile App Development Tools

If you are stuck during developing iOS based mobile app or if you want to have some mobile app development tools to make your work easier, then here is your answer of all queries related to the smartphone application development tools and all. These might help you cross the barriers. With these Mobile app development tools you are also having the advantage of requiring no or little knowledge of the hectic programming, conventionally required for making any software. By making small investments, you can, not only create but manage and publish your app in the stores, using any of the below listed platforms.

Best Mobile/Smartphone App Development Tools


mobile app development tools open sourceThis is a drag-n-drop cross platform mobile app development tool, which makes the work easier for its users.  All you will require is an idea and then with a few clicks you can create your app. Once you have finished your app, you will be able to download it in the HTML 5 hybrid format, computable with all platforms.

It is a cloud based mobile development tool used to create apps for iOS platforms. It includes Apache Cordova and provides access to its built-in components. Since the platforms run in the cloud, you will not be asked to install or download anything. It is simple to understand and easy to start with kind of platform. It comes with a visual editor which has drag-n-drop components. You will also be able to add powerful add-ons to your app with a few clicks. Further, you can also share your project with other development teams and once done, the app will be available in the store within no time. It is free to use but the plans for premium members reach $180 per month.

This mobile app development tool also provides option of integration social media feeds, radio, blogs and websites to your app. It is a free platform if you want the app for your personal use.

Link: Appery

Game Salad

 mobile app development toolOne of the best development tool for creating Smartphones games, this has drag-and-drop interface allows you to create your app quickly without the need for any programming knowledge. It has an actor and scene editors, which allows you to customize the games up to the minutest details. A very good feature of this app is its forums, where you can get answer to almost every query. It is a free app but if you are a serious developer, you can go for various paid plans ranging up to $299 per year.


Link: Game Salad


cross platform mobile app development toolsAnother  best mobile app development tool that allows you to create apps without any coding knowledge is AppMakr. It was formed in 2009. Wit it you can create various types of apps for free. You can test and publish your app without much problem with it. It also gives you an option to publish your work in your own developer account and brand.

Link: AppMakr

Mobile Roadie

mobile app development toolsMobile roadie is another self service app creation tool available in the market. The app creation requires low level or no programming. Apart from allowing you to create your app, mobile roadie also guides you through the submission process.

Choose any of these Mobile app development tools and make your job done in a single line process that is easier than the conventional app development procedure.

Link: Mobile Roadie

Free and Open source Mobile App Development Tools & Framework

  1. PhoneGap
  2. Convertigo
  3. Rhodes
  4. Appcelerator Titanium
  5. Sencha Touch
  6. MoSync SDK
  7. OpenMEAP
  8. Moai
  9. Funambol
  10. OpenMobster
  11. Knappsack
  12. mAdserve