Private Messaging Apps for iPhone and iPad

There are many applications used these days and there are many traits in them that make them different. But, some of the applications have got so many people that once you get online, n number of messages appear on your screen and you have no other option but to reply to them. We are so busy that we cannot even expand our social circle much as all of us stay occupied most of the time and hardly get time for self. So why not switch to safe and Private Messaging Apps for your phone that has less traffic and easy to use too? We want to talk only to a limited number of people, or we may even have a large corporate network and people I should stay connected with.

We don’t want any hindrance in talking to our loved ones. Depending upon the usage and requisite, there are some applications available that understand your needs and hence you can download them accordingly. For that, you need applications where your messages are encrypted because we all know that safety comes first. It makes the messages to be read by the one you sent it to. So, we have a list of top 5 Private Messaging Apps for iOS devices:


Signal Private Messaging Apps for iOS DevicesSignal is a platform that is a one stop solution to all of your communication needs. You can do a private chat, secure file exchange or online calls that are encrypted. The messages on it are end-to-end encrypted. You can even send picture messages. You can also make groups for your conversations that are private because the conversations are end to end encrypted. This is one the best application for ios users.

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The application is comparatively simple than the other options available on the list and hence more user friendly. It has many features that are plausible and hence the application should be installed on your ios device so that you also experience the trouble free conversations. The voice calls are also encrypted in the application that means it is secure enough to be conversed upon.

Download: Signal


Gliph Private Messaging Apps for iOS DevicesThe application is available in ios version as well as desktop version too. It can be used on all of your computing devices.  It has a feature of “Real Delete” that lets you actually delete the messages from both the sender as well as receiver’s ends. You can have a pseudonym for yourself to maintain account for your personal conversations and switch back to your real name for professional chats. It also has end to end encrypted messaging service that will also keep your conversations secure. It is a good experience chatting on this app. This application is worth download.

Download: Gliph


Wickr Private Messaging Apps for iOS DevicesThe application has all the features like any other application has, like it also has a feature of end to end encrypted messages that keeps your data private. That means you don’t even have to worry about your private conversations being read by a third party.  The ad-on feature it has is that there you can set an expiration date for the messages to get deleted and they will be deleted once he date is reached.


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Like if you don’t need messages post one month, you can set the date and get the messages deleted. The application also lets you delete metadata from the phone on any conversation like you can delete the geo location or the time it was sent or received. It also lets you chat on groups of as many as 10 people on it. You can also delete the messaging threads from your phone memory permanently. It is an amazing application to keep a conversation on and is handy to be conversed upon. It is a Nico sell collection and they have made it as user friendly as possible.

Download: Wickr


Threema Private Messaging Apps for iOS DevicesThough it is a private messaging application but it is also a mini social networking site. It also offers end to end encryption security to all conversations, it encourages group chats. You can even exchange files through the app. You are able to send voice messages, send texts and you can even verify contacts by their QR Code. It is easy to be used and user friendly. You can even send the files, Medias and links through it. It is safe to be used and also the conversations are end to end encrypted.

Download: Threema


Telegram Private Messaging Apps for iOS DevicesIt is again an end-to-end encrypted messaging application that lets your data be sent to the only one you sent it to without anyone else keeping a track of it. It is a user-friendly application to be used daily and it even lets you create groups of as many as 200 people on the group. That means now you have the best application to stay as social as you can. The messages are stored in the cloud that helps you get an easy access to such messages from any device running the application. It is one of the fastest IM network. You can even send media including videos up to 1GB of size. It is one of the few good alternatives to blackberry messenger that makes the application more important to use. The application is user friendly and hence you can use it for your daily chats.

Download: Telegram

These are some of the applications that are to be installed depending upon your usage. These application make you feel more connected towards the people who really matter to you. As you know that running a business or having a job get you many emails that may be a hindrance to the information required. So for that you need an exact platform so that you don’t omit the needed things and information and hence you can get out of all of your worries using such applications. So now enjoying a hassle free communication with the people of your choice or your loved ones is not that difficult for you on ios device because you have these above mentioned applications you can choose as per the needs.