Reverse Image Search Engine and Apps

Google has been the only one place since years now where we go to find answers to our questions. Millions of people are already using Google’s search engine as we speak and why wouldn’t they? Google is the home to the widest available choice about anything that you wish to search for. You cannot only type your query on the Google search but also search the web by using a photograph. For example, if you have a photograph of a favorite cartoon or brand and don’t know about it then leave it to Google, it will find it for you. But now, Google is not the only search engine with the feature. So, if you love variety then we got just the thing for you.

Reverse Image Search Engine and Apps

  1. TinEye (Link)

TinEye is one of the oldest Reverse Image Search Engine to provide the image search recognition technology. If this makes you think that it is some obsolete kind of technology now, then you are wrong. What TinEye does is that it treats the whole image as the product which is pretty cool as all you need to do is click a picture of the product and upload it. It does have some restrictions like you cannot post a picture more than 1 MB size.

  1. Multi-Service Image Search (Link)

This search engine is exactly same as the TinEye but with a slight difference which most of us won’t even bother. While TinEye only accepts selection of formats in images and a specific size too, the Multi-Service Image Search can scan numerous formats of photos. Be it a jpg format or JPEG, or even Png, it can search it all with ease.

  1. Google Images (Link)

Yes, the most used search engine on the planet is also on the list and why would not it be? If we need any picture, we go to Google not anything else. Google has the largest database of pictures collection and that is why millions of people love Google. Google even has an app called Google Goggles which is a very goal specific application and tells you every single detail about the image that you click through it.

All these search engines promises precision and efficiency when we talk about reverse image search. But today’s world is all about smartphones so let us look at 3 best reverse image searching apps for iOS.


  1. Google Goggles

As we discussed above, the Google Goggles application searches every single detail about the photograph that is taken from the application. When we click a picture through the Google Goggles application, it is automatically scanned by Google’s image recognition system and the results are provided within the application. The links in the result appear from Youtube, and many other websites like Twitter and shopping websites too in case of a product.

Download: Google Goggles/Google App

  1. TinEye MobileEngine

The TinEye application is the next best choice after Google Goggles as the application provides the same sort of experience as the Google Goggles but the only difference is that the results are shown in the TinEye app instead of Google Goggles. The TinEye app is also capable of sharing the links through which you can share any result or link to your friends and family through any application.

Download: TinEye MobileEngine

  1. Unravl (Discontinued)

The only trouble with the Google Goggles app and the TinEye app is that if you upload an image of a person wearing a specific T-Shirt, it will tell you about the brand only. For example, if you upload Ronaldo’s picture wearing a Nike T-shirt, then the application will tell you more about Nike. This is the only reason why the concept of reverse image searching dint get that much popular. Well, if both of the above applications disappoint you, then you should definitely switch to Unravl.


Unravl is just like Google Goggles as the application scans the clicked images and provides the best suited results. But, the twist is that before uploading the image, you can easily rotate the image or even crop the image which would make it easy for the application to scan the specific part only.

Download: Unravl

     4. Veracity – Reverse Image Search 

Veracity app is for iOS user, its functionality is similar to Google Image search. One can discover where else in the interent same photo exist, even the image is cropped or resized.

Download: Veracity – Reverse Image Search