Transfer Music to iOS Device(iPhone,iPod,iPad) Without iTunes

Being an iPhone user, one thing in particular that used to drive me crazy and annoyed me most of the time is the reliance of the Apple devices on iTunes. I wasn’t able to transfer any favorite song of mine in to my device without the use of iTunes. No matter what you want to do with your phone, at some point or the other you will have to access the iTunes store to get the work done.

Transfer Music to iOS Device(iPhone,iPod,iPad) without iTunesBut like I said it used to drive me crazy not any more as I am here to share with you the various ways through which you can how to transfer music, app (any file) from PC to iphone without the usage of iTunes. Ever wondered how it happens? Well, most of the IOS users know that. Are you one of that? Well. Good if you know it, while if you don’t you will know it soon.

Many of the iPhone users which are irritated by the restrictive transferable features of the device don’t need to be anymore as you can use these following ways to transfer music from PC to your iPhone:

With the help of Cloud Storage

Google Play Music: Google Play Music service is an extensive service which allows the users to upload a massive 20,000 of their own songs for free. Yes for free, no strings attached with it. With just a standard Google Play membership you can simply enjoy your music after you have stored it in to the cloud. You can listen to the songs on any device and can also purchase new music from the Google Play Store.

The exciting prospect about this Google Play Music is until now there had been only one official app but now an iPhone version of this app is to be launched very soon until then you can simply make use of the webpage of your browsers and play your tunes.

For uploading your songs to the Google Play Music you need a Music manager on your computer. And having it on your iPhone is as simple as that of   Web Music Player. You can even download the third-party apps such as gMusic, GoMusic and Melodies, etc.


Similarly like the Google Play Music there are varieties of other cloud storage including Amazon Cloud Player and Dropbox.

Some of the iTunes Alternatives

  • Copy Trans Manager for Windows is the direct alternative to that of iTunes. It is free of cost program which can be used in order replace iTunes if you are a Windows user. The facilities such drag-and-drop, on-the-go edits and additions to your library along with copy to a flash drive for the management purpose is one of the important feature of this freeware.

Media Monkey for Windows

  • Media Monkey for Windows is another free media player which allows the user to scan for audio files and in turn automatically adds them to your library. With Media Monkey, one can completely sway iTunes away. MM for Windows also syncs with the iTunes. It is your wish whether you want to use it for free or purchase its gold version for $24.95.

Free Apps

Few of the many apps that are available for an IOS user to download and those apps which aren’t jail broken include the likes of iBolt Download & Player, MP3 Music Downloader Free.

Streaming Live - transfer music without iTunes

  • Cydia tweaks for Jail broken iPhones is another way where you can use the i-File, Bridge and MewSeekto get the job done.
  • Summing up the list of alternatives the final one is Streaming Live in to your favorite music. There are large numbers of apps which provide the feature of live streaming of your favorite song. Not just that but it also provides you with what’s trending and the top-40 lists. Among them Saavn Pro, and Sound Hound are few of the many apps available.