Virtual Reality (VR) Apps for iPhone

Virtual reality (VR) is computer-simulated reality i.e. computer technology that replicates artificially sensory experience, which can include sight, touch, hearing, and smell. The simplest form of virtual reality is a 3D image that can be explored interactively at a personal computer, by manipulating keys or the mouse so that the content of the image moves in some direction or zooms in or out.

Virtual reality power and growing popularity is presence. The sense of actually being part of something regardless of location is accomplished by fusion of still images, video, animation and interactivity viewed through a Head mounted display.

Virtual reality is highly used in gaming industry making the entire experience of games to next level. The 3D experience gives the player more intensive experience. But VR isn’t just restricted to games, the VR 3D experience is used extensively today across the industries like education, film-making, fashion, sports, media, etc.

The interactive element of VR is that makes to the growing popularity of such apps. The element of interactivity depends on factors like speed, range and mapping. Virtual Reality (VR) Apps that were initially made using android platform have quickly made way to iPhone platform. To experience VR a variety of input devices, clothing and equipment are available in the market. VR goggles, head mounted gears, controllers/ joystick and alike enhance the whole VR experience.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Apps available on iPhone are spread across entertainment, games, informational and others. The apps are either free or paid or come with in house purchase option. There are wide options to choose from. The Virtual Reality (VR) Apps may or may not require all of the VR input devices.

Here are top 20 virtual reality apps on iPhone.


VRSE-Virtual Reality AppsVRSE is a free VR application that provides a huge medium for storytelling. It’s one of the best cinematic virtual reality content platform.  It’s a technology that provides film-makers to showcase their content which can be viewed by others using a head mounted displays (HMD).

  • 360 degree and 3D features are great for short film-makers to showcase their work.
  • Special horror effects is of special advantage.

The app is one of the best in the genre and does’nt have much downsides.

Download: VRSE




Virtual Kaiju is a VR game app that requires head gear that runs well on iPhone platform. “Kaiju” is Japanese for “giant beast”. In Virtual Kaiju 3D, player is one of these giant beasts who must do what giant beasts do best: destroy a city and take down helicopters with their fiery breath.

  • This app is a stress reliever.
  • Player’s sense of sound is used in the app for interaction. When the player shouts the giant in the game blows fire.
  • The app is more attractive to kids.




VR video is YouTube-style social networking and hosting platform. The app let you stream content, the interface tells you which videos are trending, and lets you browse categories like News & Politics, Travel & Events, Gaming, Vehicles, and more.

You can create an account, subscribe to channels, like or dislike videos, and build playlists.

  • User can play videos without network connection.
  • The app lets user tilt head for 360 degree video viewing.
  • Very user-friendly platform.
  • The data available isn’t worth watching. The app is yet to build up a collection of videos.
  • The users cannot rate the quality of videos.

Download: VRIDEO


Mobile VR Station

Mobile VR station is a virtual media player that let you view photos and videos from different perspectives, which are projected onto a floating screen. Various screen projections include Curved, Full Dome, Plane, Cylinder, and Sphere Upload, which you choose by moving or tilting your head

  • Importing of photos into documents
  • Deep links into the app is possible now.
  • Certain formats videos don’t play in this app.


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