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This production company sends reporters all over the planet, including dangerous war zones, to produce stellar 360-degree and VR stories on a daily basis. The production values are slick but the information-gathering technique is solid and, as an added kick, it’s designed to inspire action on the part of the viewer. New selections each day assure fresh content and each story has built-in contact and activist references in the browser to help viewers be part of the solution rather than merely passive observers of a problem.

  • Innovator of virtual journalism.
  • One of the best virtual journalism app.
  • Frequent updates of content done for users.

The app is highly maintained and updated making it a popular must have VR app.

Download: RYOT VR


Froggy VR

Froggy VR is a simple game no more complicated than a frog crossing a road. Froggy VR sees you experiencing life as a frog, hopping around a garden and eating flies.

You hop around by aiming a green reticule at the place you want to go to, be it a tree, a pond, or strangely, your Froggy home. You can also eat bugs, chase down other animals and go for a swim.

  • It has simple interface making it easy to play.
  • The game is too very simple and may not interest all.

Download: FROGGY VR


InMind VR

InMind is a short game that allows the player to experience the journey into the patient’s brains in search of the neurons that cause mental disorder. The gamer experiences the miracles of the human mind.


  • It has simple control scheme game
  • Though short game it’s a fair challenging.
  • This is a beginner’s level game which may not cater to all.

Download: InMIND VR


VR ONE Cinema

With a companion app you can watch movies on the VR screen in a dark, immersive theatre environment, complete with curtains, seating, and other patrons. The app does not distribute content, but rather a more interactive way to watch videos you already have from various sources.

  • Select your video by turning your head to activate the menu.
  • An intuitive interface lets you play/pause or select among various videos.
  • Need an additional companion app to work.

Download: VR ONE Cinema



New York Times to push its vast mainstream, non-tech audience into VR app. The 360-degree videos can also be watched without a headset either on the phone or in the browser. The New York Times produces additional VR-based news and cultural programming and is updating its catalogue each month.

  • The app has smartphone viewing mode too.
  • The app allows the viewer to remove files from device after reading.
  • The app doesn’t stream the content but rather the viewer has to download it.

Download: NYT VR

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