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Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story (FREE)

Sisters A Virtual Reality Ghost Story

A Virtual Reality Ghost Story isn’t quite as frightening but VR adds to the tension. You find yourself alone in a haunted mansion, and it’s down to you to find out what happened to the sisters who once lived there.

  • This is a short game with good haunting VR experience.
  • The player can turn around but can’t move.
  • NO way to actually hunt for clues
  • Needs more guidelines for players.

Download: Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story


Discovery VR

This app is by famous Discovery channel to attract its already established audience. Discovery has always been about driving curiosity – exploring new places, characters and ideas. VR allows a new opportunity to tell these stories, immersing you in experiences like never before.

  • Exclusive content from your favourite shows are available to VR app users.
  • The adventures from incredible camera angles – like mountain biking, surfing, and free boarding are heart-pounding.
  • The app is more attracting to the channel audience.

Download: Discovery VR


Seene VR

Seene is an app that allows the user to click lifelike images in 3D mode. Taking a Seene on phone is quick and simple. By just pointing phone at subject and moving smoothly in one direction, the app will do the rest. The technology behind Seene pushes mobile phones to their limit.


  • Extremely user-friendly app allows the user to create 3D images.
  • The app allows some fun with 3D selfies through the front camera option.
  • Sharing of pics and videos created through social networks like Facebook, twitter and alike is easy.

Download: Seene


Zombie Shooter VR

As the name suggests this app lets you shoot zombie with some good graphics. This is gaming app is one of the top free app under this genre.

  • The app doesn’t require a controller and thus the hands-free control makes the experience easy.
  • The app being one of the best under free app group makes it a reason for top VR iPhone app.

The full version is available as in-house purchase.

Download: Zombie Shooter VR


Air Race VR

Air race VR is another app by makers of froggy VR, is more energetic. This is a game in action that will make the user a bit queasy. It’s a complete family app with different levels to engage all members.

The game comes with different levels and with some crazy upturns and incredible speed making a big plus to app. The game can make users a little nauseating.

Download: Air Race VR

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