Virtual Reality (VR) Apps for iPhone


VR Tank Training for Google Cardboard

The popularity of World of Tanks proves how much people love their tank battles. The app allows the player to lead the battalion across the desert and destroy as many enemy tanks as they can, which are automatically fired on when looked at them. Though the app comes as paid app, no further in-app purchase makes it one of the top apps on iPhone.

  • The app gives the commanders a feel of the battlefield.
  • Though this is a paid app but it has no in-app purchases.

The app needs adding of new levels, tanks, and planes.

Download: VR Tank Training


SOLAR REALMS RISING VRThis is a deep space virtual reality sci-fi adventure to get back home. The app allows Hyperspace, blast asteroids, and repair a jump gate in this hands-free VR experience. A trusty AI hologram side kick guides along the journey. The app uses easy controls thus not requiring controllers for the experience.

  • Recent updates makes the whole adventure more impressive.
  • Just looking in any direction to steer space ship makes easy controls.

The app lacks in graphics which are too basic for such sci-fi adventure.

Download: Solar Realms Rising VR


VR mojo Orbulus Special Edition

Explore 360-degree Photospheres in this simple app which works with any VR headset. The viewer can control simply by looking at things giving the users an above standard “pick up and go” VR experience that they could quickly identify with, be engaged with and share.

  • The app is an excellent hands-free control
  • Excellent navigation and really good effects work well on smartphones.

 The app provides the travel experience through still images alone.


Download: VR mojo Orbulus Special Edition


InCell VR (Cardboard)

InCell is a gaming VR app which has elements of both racing and strategy gameplay into cells and viruses in patient body. The player gets to experience the micro world of cells in human body.

  • The app can be used on smartphone without any VR device.
  • With just a simple control the user can shift to VR mode.
  • It’s highly compatible with all popular VR headsets.

The app with constant updates makes one of the must have VR app.

Download: InCell VR

360s YouTube VR (FREE)

YouTube 360

YouTube has come with providing its users with 360 degree VR experience by allowing the viewer experience their favourite videos in 3D mode. Just download the latest YouTube app and type #360video into YouTube, look for the VR icon and strap on a viewer to see 2D online videos via your headset.

360 degree YouTube VR app allows the user to see the trending videos across popularity in politics, television, movies, etc.

The app lets you find the videos more quickly and helps connect and share more efficiently.

The viewer can create and share playlists.

Download: 360s YouTube VR



This app is good for families and mainly kids. Kids would love awesome dinosaur action whether seeing them fight or just relaxing. The simple experience into dinosaur world is chilling.

  • The app is very good for a child-friendly experience.
  • The app is smartphone friendly.
  • For better VR experience using this app using headphones is must.
  • New updates announced to be released will be coming with unlocked option.

Download: DinoTrek VR Experience

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