Notification Center Widgets for iOS 8 (iPhone,iPod,iPad)

The Notification Center widgets are perhaps the most peculiar feature in the IOS and the most loved by its users. The Notification center thus has helped the IOS users who were envious to those Android users where at a single glance you can get handy info as Android possesses the feature of custom widgets.

As soon as the IOS 8 was launched the IOS user including me were  on the 9th Cloud, after all I have got what I wanted for so long so now I can tout my friends by saying that look why you need to own an Apple device. Let’s get to the point now; we are here to make you more familiar with the Notification Center Widgets for iOS 8 list if you haven’t been until now.

Notification Center Widgets for iOS 8 (iPhone,iPod,iPad)Calendar, Weather, Stocks, and Reminders are all included in Apple’s default widget listings. If you feel like adding more you can simply scroll down to the bottom of the today tab and further by editing the list you can add more. One of the most prominent features is that you will be able to see a list of every individual app that is compatible with widgets on your iPhone. Thus the feature has been built-in by the developer.

Starting of the list of the prominent Notification Center Widgets for iOS 8:


  • News: Although this news widget consumes a lot of space and to me is a little overwhelming in terms of a widget but not bad. You can have the news right on your palm with a single glance on the News widget. News is further classified in to various parts such as BuzzFeed, Vice News, News360, Yahoo News Digest and many more.
  • Business and Productivity: Business and productivity apps are indeed the most apps which all constitute this useful widget. Where I personally have the applications such as Hours, Evernote, PCalc, LinkedIn etc. It is a very useful app to stay updated with what’s happening in relation to the productivity and business and that too at just one glance.
  • Task Managers: By the name itself one can understand that what the basic function of the Task Manager is it simplifies the task of managing your daily chores. This widget too is extremely a boon with the likes of Clear, Calendar 5, Study Cal, Omni Focus and Finish all included in this extremely helpful widget.
  • Shopping: Sale! Sale! Sale. Who’s going to update me with sale? Well here’s an answer, your iOS8 will. By downloading the various compatible application from the App store for shopping details, you can simply get yourself your shopping guide. This widget is one of the most tremendously used widget which includes apps such as Spring, Parcels, Slice, etc.

The aforementioned widgets were some of the widgets that form the part of the Notification Center Widgets for iOS 8. This is not it though, the list therefore goes on and on with the other widgets including the likes of Weather, House and Home, Multimedia and many more. Finally blessed and feel complete with these Notification Center Widgets for iOS 8.