Third Party Keyboard Apps For iOS 8 (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

There exists a tough competition among the various platforms in the market. Android Vs iOS is always the talk of the town. Android launches Lollipop, well that’s amusing; Apple launches iOS well that’s even more stunning. But this article is for those Apple iOS fans out there as we will be providing you some trade and tips about one of the most peculiar part of your system and that’s the keyboard.

Third Party Keyboard App For iOS 8 (iPhone, iPod, iPad)Keyboards generally play a vital role in a mobile phone user’s life wherein the social app texting messengers, users want their keyboard to be user-friendly and the same is expected from the interface. Not taking any credits away from the original keyboard that an iphone has but there are some exceptional keyboards that you can enjoy downloading from the App store.

Starting the lists of the 5 of the amazing Third Party Keyboard for iOS that are available to you at the iOS app store, definitely those ones that you should look after:

Keyboard Pro

Keyboard Pro

The keyboard Pro helps its users to create unique texts within the matter of few seconds. It has over a 100 western style emotes which can be used in any of texting, email and Facebook. You can also send some decorative texts to your friends. The size of this keyboard app is amazingly just 1.3MB.

Click here to get Keyboard Pro: Download Keyboard Pro

Type keyboard (Free)

Type keyboard (Free)

The ai.type keyboard is one of the smartest keyboards available in the iOS market. Over 20 million users have downloaded this keyboard app and there are wide-range of features and options which are just aimed at transforming your messaging experience. Moreover it also provides you the feature of Privacy protection and text encryption.

Click to get ai.type keyboard: Download ai.type keyboard


Font keyboard

Font keyboard

The font keyboard is one of the most popular keyboards in the iOS house, where it is used by over 10 million people over iPhone, iPods and iPads. The drawback of this keyboard is that it is available for free only for a limited period of time. The cool fonts and an option of 2500 addictive emojis would just tempt you to upgrade to its premium version.

Click  to get Font Keyboard: Download Font Keyboard

Color Keyboard

Color KeyboardFill up your conversation with colors through this Color Keyboard App. Basically designed for the iOS 8 version; you can explore the unique features such as 50+ beautiful themes to choose from along with more than 30 pleasant sound clicks. You can also change the background, colors, textures and more.

Click to get Color Keyboard: Download Color Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey keyboard without a shadow of doubt is one of the best keyboards that is available on the iOS store as it is the most downloaded Third Party Keyboard app for iOS. It is my favorite personally because of many reasons, the keyboard is so advanced that it adapts to the way you type.SwiftKey KeyboardIt detects your style and thus gives you a super auto-correct feature which is enthralling. The features such as intelligent next-word prediction and reduction in keystrokes are features that certainly tempt you to get your hands on this keyboard. Thus maintaining your accuracy while typing and enable you to type the way you want without wasting much of the time pressing backspace.

Click to get SwiftKey Keyboard: Download SwiftKey Keyboard

The aforementioned were 5 of the most user-friendly iOS third-party keyboard application that you can get from the iOS store now. Some are free; some needs to be upgraded to the premium version. But all of these 5 keyboard apps are worth a try and are worth every penny.