Best Software to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac

Despite being world’s most beloved smartphone – iPhone still have some issues especially when it comes to expand memory as it does not support SD card. iPhone users usually have huge collection of Music, Podcast & other audio related stuff in their phone & if you iPhone is either 32 or 64 GB & you are a music listener then probably you have a large and awesome collection of songs which you have collected or downloaded after too many hassles. Not only that you may have many documents, videos etc.

Though iPhone have decent built-in storage capacity but sometimes you need to transfer files to free memory especially when your phone gets junky with important files or collection which you may not want to delete.

Best Software to Transfer Music from iPhone to MacNow what if your iPhone get stolen? What if you have to give your iPhone to your friend or family member in case of any emergency like or in case of upgrade if you are upgrading you iPhone to any new launched set? The biggest issue comes is to transfer your awesome & lovely collection of songs and important files to your old iPhone to another iPhone.

Now let’s take another case in which you want to share your music collection or any video which you recorded with your family or friends with your one family or with your friends & what if they don’t have iTunes installed on your PC? Most windows users don’t install iTunes in their computer, for example what if your friend or family member owns an android device then how you are going to transfer those songs or Music collection?

MobiKin Assistant for iOS – An Exceptional Music Transfer App

Want to  transfer music from iPhone to Mac? Instead of downloading & installing a large setup of iTunes for MAC or Windows, we have found an awesome tool called MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Mac Version) which is just 6 megabytes (MB) in size for Mac & 11 MB setup for Windows which you can install on your MAC or Windows PC in few seconds & doesn’t require any other extra things & you are good to go!

IOS Assistant for Mac allows users to transfer music, photos, movies, podcasts, etc. from iPod, iPad or iPhone to MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or more within a few clicks. After that, you can enjoy and share these data without any kind of limitations. Now, just simply follow the below-mentioned steps to see how easy the program does wonder for you.

Reviewing this thing full of extraordinary functionalities is a real difficult job though writing something on this cool thing that can help the users is exciting and a challenge. Using this fully loaded MobiKin Assistant for iOS is a true but simplest experience ever. How? It’s pretty simple. We are providing a small account of that- How to use this useful application.

Well the beauty of MobiKin Assistant for iOS software is just like its size, the steps of operation to be done to transfer music & other data is as smallest as its size! All you have to follow are just some simple & easy steps & you are all set to go!


First of all you have to download MobiKin Assistant for iOS software to MAC from their website which is 6 MB in size. Just think- with only 6 MB file size, what kind of stuffs it can do- truly amazing!

If you are Windows users then off course you can install it on Windows PC by downloading its exe setup. It supports all windows operating system starting from XP to Windows 10.

After installing it on your MAC, just run the software by pressing its icon.  Just attach your Apple mobile with USB cable & you can see every detail about your iPhone as shown below.

Now you are ready to transfer or export you data as shown in the image below-

One of the main advantages of MobiKin Assistant for iOS software is that it provides your Tree style file sorting so you can easily identify your needs & things which you want to transfer. Even you can transfer your whole playlist as shown in below image-

You have done all- Ready to go. Just select the stuff you want to transfer to your MAC & then click on ‘Export’ button on the upper left side & the process of copying will start.

Why MobiKin Assistant for iOS is awesomely popular? – Features

Real experience hides in its features. Let’s explore the packed feature of MobiKin Assistant for iOS

Easy to Use Feature – Simple & Clean User Interface that does not have junky options all around. You can easily navigate everywhere. Simple minimal interface makes this efficient and useful app more user’s friendly.

Easy to Transfer: It allows you to copy and save files like Music- it does not matter in which form those are- MP3, MP4, 3GP etc. from iPad, iPod and iPhone or Mac computer. There is no special operation to transfer your music collection. Just with a simple click you can transfer all securely.

Everything is so simple: Create, add or delete any new folders or files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod backup files on Mac computer directly using MobiKin Assistant for iOS. It makes all the operation easy and transforms these hectic transfers into just basic level copy-paste and cut-paste stuffs.

Re-Sync Easily: Users can easily re-sync the backed music files including videos (MP4) to any iDevice via iTunes freely. Things have never been so easy, is not it?

Filter and Search: Type one or two keywords in the program’s searching box on the right top of the panel, and then it will automatically filter and show what you need in the program directly without any more steps or permission.

Preview: Thumbnail and List view mode are all provided in this program. You can select any one of them to get the preview of the files in the iOS Assistant software to transfer your music files according to your own needs. List view will sort the files according to the date, last modified, size etc where large thumbnail helps you to find any music quickly.

Most important point is MobiKin Assistant for iOS Supports all iPhones, iPod & iPads and the deadliest kick ass feature is that this awesome application is available for both MAC & Windows.

If you wanna give this fully loaded application a try, you can go for Free Trial. The exciting feature of this free trial is more interesting- it loaded with Fully Functionality. You can check each and every option. No option is locked there. The full version is available at 39.95 $ which seems a pretty nice deal which allows you to handle all storage & stuff of your limited storage Apple device.