If  you are a sports fan, then you can find iOS to be a fantastic tool for getting the information on sports may be its scores, news and lots more. There are different apps available which provides an excellent interface with a great range of  sports videos, news, scores, stats and standings.

BEST SPORTS APPS FOR iOS DevicesThese Apps are designed for both iPhone and the iPad by Apple on the iTunes store.Before that let us see the some best sports apps available to us on iOS platform.

ESPN Sports Centre

 ESPN BEST SPORTS APPS FOR iOS Devices ESPN offers a fantastic interface, with a wide range of sports videos, news, scores and a lot more. One cannot talk about sports without the presence of ESPN.Downloading the ESPN free score center app for the iPhone give full information about the live alerts of the sports to your phone. Use of direct access to ESPN newsroom, its notifications and a very good Twitter integration makes this App a fantastic tool for gathering a wide range of sports news.

It also has a Clubhouse feature which offers all your team’s news under one roof. Finally, it is the excellent all-round up App.ESPN also maintains an excellent mobile Web site for people using other phones.When you first launch this app, you can ask for your favourite sports and teams, and ScoreCenter organizes your home screen based on those preferences. Your main screen is a “MyTeams” page that shows the scores for all games in which your favourite teams have participated.

Link: ESPN Sports Centre

CBS Sports


CBS Sports App is a fantastic round up of all US sports. It includes football, NFL and NCAA, as well as Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Tennis and Soccer. You can also personalize notifications and receive live video. It also includes CBS sports Radio which can live streamed. It also has unique features such as Bracket Manager, etc.


Link: CBS Sports

Sky Sports Live Football Score Center

Sky Sports Live Football Score Center

For all the Soccer fans, Sky sports center offers a wide range of the world’s top teams and leagues in Football. It also features an updated live Vidiprinter, live commentary, Photos and betting odds. It provides a dedicated scores and Soccer news.

Link: Sky sports Live Football score center

Team Stream


Team stream is an iOS companion to Bleacher, allowing one to select a team and get all the related stories and information surrounding your team pulled out from various sources across the web, local news outlets as well as national sites and blogs.

Link: Team Stream

BBC Sport


BBC sport is an another App for a dedicated sports fan wherein it is a great place to find facts and statistics as well as catch up on interviews and highlights. BBC’s sport coverage received a very good response from a wide range of smartphone users.BBC Sport’s iOS app is now available globally, and Android is coming soon. You can download this app available for iOS from the iTunes.

Link: BBC Sport

Now power is in your hand. With these best Sports apps you can check match results, match scores and all with a single tap on your iPhone. What are you waiting for then? Install one of them and enjoy…..